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Annual Education Update

Donalsonville Hospital employees are constantly learning and growing in their respective roles. Whether it's traveling to conferences or workshops, experiencing in-hospital training or the Donalsonville Hospital Annual Update, we want our employees to be able to offer the most up-to-date quality healthcare.

Each May around National Hospital Week EVERY employee comes through our Poster Board Education center to refresh their skills and learn updates on rules and regulations.

Donalsonville Hospital Is On-Line

Donalsonville Hospital has recently developed a web site and is providing many sources for health information and programming. As you can see this is something that will be very useful to our patients, their families and those who may want to know what kinds of services or facilities we have. There are also many other features we hope you will explore. You can look up medications in the drug search, find interesting health information or ask the FastNurse Research Correspondent a question and get a reply to your own personal question. This is a valuable resource and we hope that you will take full advantage of it.

Check Out Our New Features

Health Information Search
Connect With Our Doctors
Send A Medical Question To The FastNurse Research Correspondent.
Use The Medical Dictionary

Check Back Soon

Check back to this section of the website for updated news and hospital information. We are here to serve your needs and to keep you informed of options concerning your health.