Complaints & Grievances

Patient satisfaction and quality of care are very important to Donalsonville Hospital. Our staff works to address patient complaints and grievances promptly and improve the service provided to patients.

Patients or their representatives who have a complaint or grievance or would like to express concerns about their care and safety while in the hospital may contact:

Kyla Moye, BSN, RN
Donalsonville Hospital's Patient Liaison
Phone: 229-524-5217 Ext 433

If you are not able to resolve or diffuse the issue with our patient advocate and want to take further action, our accreditor, DVN Healthcare USA Inc, provides five channels for submitting a hospital complaint:



Phone:: 866-496-9647

Fax:: 281-870-4818

Mail:: DNV Healthcare USA Inc.

Attn: Hospital Complaints

4435 Aicholtz Road, Suite 900

Cincinnati, OH 45245