Labor and Delivery

You have many important decisions to make as a mother-to-be, the first being where you will receive prenatal care and give birth to your child.

Our experienced physicians and nurses are committed to making both your pregnancy and childbirth experience the very best possible by providing comprehensive care before, during, and after pregnancy.

Private Room for You and Your Baby

We provide large private birthing suites for your labor and delivery. Each room is furnished with a bassinet for baby and a reclining chair for partner or another loved one to sleep over. After the baby is born, mom and baby are moved to a private room in the Women's & Children's unit for postpartum care.

During Labor

Our Labor & Delivery Nurses provide "one-on-one care" and attention during your labor and postpartum experience. Our experienced nurses provide help with techniques like deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery and gentle stretching. You are also welcome to play soothing music. Our team will work to honor your birth-plan while keeping you and your baby safe.

Pain Control

If medication or anesthesia is needed to help you feel comfortable, you will be cared for by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Cesarean Section (C-section)

If you have planned to deliver your baby via cesarean section or an emergency C-section becomes necessary to safely deliver your baby, the procedure will be performed in our unit's operating room under regional or general anesthesia. The average C-section takes less than an hour, and, in most cases, your partner, support person or birthing coach may be present during the procedure.

Level 1 Newborn Nursery

Our Level 1 Nursery provides excellent care for healthy newborns and has a viewing window so family and friends can see your new arrival. We encourage our babies to spend as much time with mom as possible by rooming-in, but we also advocate for our mothers to rest while recovering in our comfortable postpartum rooms.

Our Medical and Nursing Staff are certified in:

Neonatal Resuscitation
Fetal Monitoring

After Your Baby Is Born

Going home with a new baby is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. The physicians, nurses, lactation consultant and other professionals at Donalsonville Hospital will give you and your family the care, support and education you need at this very special time of life. We are committed to promoting strong family ties and offering comprehensive postpartum care that includes:

Newborn testing. Your baby will be screened for health conditions that could lead to serious health problems or developmental delays if not diagnosed and treated early, including cystic fibrosis, hearing loss and maple syrup urine disease (branch-chain ketoaciduria).

Parenting education. We provide information on a range of parenting topics from knowing what to expect to hands-on instruction on how to bathe, diaper, feed and care for your baby.

Emotional support. A few days after you go home one of our nurses will call you to check in. It's natural to feel strong emotions when you're pregnant and just after you've had a baby. And, like some women, you may experience "baby blues" just after birth. These feelings usually go away in a week or two, but some new moms experience feelings of sadness that are much more intense (perinatal depression). Don't be afraid to ask for help. Our physicians and nurses are here to help you understand and cope with your feelings and provide referrals for help if necessary.

Breastfeeding instruction and support. All of our nurses have special training for working with new mothers who choose to breastfeed. They provide instruction and encouragement. However, should you need further support, Donalsonville Hospital provides FREE consultation with our very own Lactation Counselor.

Lactation Education & Support

To learn more about our breastfeeding support please click here