Emergency Department

Donalsonville Hospital's Emergency Department provides Level I emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our emergency services are accredited by the DNV standards in providing quality emergency medical care.  Qualified Medical and Nursing staff are there to ensure the best care possible for patients presenting to our Emergency Department.

Our Emergency Department is responsible for timely evaluation, treatment / stabilization and transfer of major medical emergencies to approved transfer sites for required higher levels of care.  If transfers are indicated, patients are transferred in accordance with the local hospital transfer policies, state and federal requirements.

The Emergency Department Medical Staff includes local physicians as well as contracted ER physicians from National Emergency Services who are credentialed and have been approved for delineated privileges in emergency medicine.  Emergency Department Nursing Staff include experienced Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and ER Techs.  Our exceptional staff are on duty at all times and work in collaboration to provide high quality, compassionate care to patients in urgent or emergency situations.

Dr. Linda Jones

Dr. David Swearingain

Emergency services:

Extensive Laboratory
Diagnostic Laboratory
Surgical Support
Ancillary Services
2 Trauma Rooms
6 Treatment Rooms

Department FAX Number: (229) 524-8114